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  • Will you be writing any more books in the Variant Series?
    YES! The fifth and final book of the series is currently in the works.
  • When will Book 5 be released?
    Not sure yet. I won't be able to estimate a release date until the book is a little closer to completion. Once the end is in sight, I'll set a date and make the announcement!
  • Will you ever write other stories in the Variant Series universe?
    Probably, yes. I have a trilogy of prequel novellas planned that will tell the story of John Grayson's original team—but Book 5 will most likely mark the end of Alex Parker's story arc.
  • How can I order signed copies?
    If you're looking to order signed copies of any of my books, simply click here and fill out the request form. Easy as that!

Frequently Asked Questions

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